THC Capsules (Sativa)


10 Capsules of 10 mg THC each


These THC capsules are made from a very popular strain, a rich Blue Dream blend which is a sativa-dominant hybrid of legendary status from right here in California. It will help you feel euphoric, uplifted, happy, creative and energetic – and is a perfect companion to daytime fitness as well as muscle pain management.  Use it to punch up that book you’ve been writing!  We deliver it in a 10 mg capsules (medium to strong dosage) for a slow onset and strong, long lasting effect.

Specific Ingredients: THC 10 mg,   Less than 1% CBDa & CBD 

Administer as needed every 4-6 hrs.  Wait 2 hrs for effect before adding more.

Keep refrigerated

Product Description


THC Capsules. We’ve discovered a wonderful blend here. It’s the best Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (THC) that contains Activated ultra-pure natural cannabinoids in MCT oil. You’ll enjoy a rich “entourage effect” of natural whole plant extracts utilizing supercritical extraction. There are 10 mg of active ingredients or cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBC, CBG and terpenes) per capsule. And it is safe even for patients with suppressed immune systems.


  • creativity
  • energy
  • daytime fitness
  • muscle pain management
  • calming euphoria
  • ADD / ADHD
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • other health issues >>

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What is the difference between Raw and Activated THC? 

What go organic?


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