THC Oil Capsules Indica


THCa Raw Cannabis Oil Indica In Organic MCT oil


8 CAPSULES of 25 mg each

Specific Ingredients: THCa 22 mg,   THC 3.53 mg,  Less than 1% CBDa & CBD 

Administer as needed every 4-6 hrs. Wait 2 hrs for effect before adding more.

Keep refrigerated

Pure THCa Raw Cannabis Oil Indica made from mountain outdoor grown marijuana flowers.

Product Description

10 CAPSULES of 10 mg THC each


Pure Green Soma activated THC Oil Capsules (OG Kush Indica) is a blend of nourishing liquid coconut oil and triple lab-tested THC cannabis oil is from California-grown marijuana.

Specific Ingredients:  THC 10 mg,  Less than 1% CBDa & CBD 

1 capsule = Robust high

THC Capsules (Indica)O


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