THCa Capsules (Raw)


8 Capsules of 25 mg each

Specific Ingredients:   THCa capsules 25 mg,  THC 0.53 mg,   Less than 1% CBDa & CBD

Dosage strength: 1 capsule.  

Administer as needed every 4-6 hrs.  Wait 2 hrs for effect before adding more

Keep refrigerated

Product Description

These ULTRA HEALTHY capsules contain the phenomenal THCa (raw version of THC) with just a trace amount of active THC so you’ll experience a beautiful and very mild uplifting sativa high. Most of our male members report very little to no high.


They are a Full Spectrum Cannabidiol that contain ultra-pure natural cannabinoids in pure MCT oil. It is rich with the “entourage effect” of natural whole marijuana plant extracts – no hemp. They’re produced utilizing supercritical extraction at sub zero temperatures. Each capsule is 25 mg of active ingredients or cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBC, CBG and terpenes). Safe even for patients with suppressed immune systems. In raw acid form.


Benefits of THCa: Read about the benefits of THCa HERE


What it treatsTHCa marijuana is helpful for treating many ailments. Studies have shown that it has medicinal benefits for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Alzheimer’s, anxiety, arthritis, chemotherapy side effects, Crohn’s Disease, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, HIV-related peripheral neuropathy, Huntington’s Disease, incontinence, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, pruritus, sleep apnea, and Tourette Syndrome, among others.


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